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Your Mala(s), pendants and rudraksha is worn as a sacred adornment that reflects your soul intention. For ideal benefits wear them every day and keep beside your bed at night. Wearing, you receive and imbibe more energy, which alters your vibration and attracts new positive thoughts and experiences. From three to four months you’ll notice these and other significant changes.

The Rudraksha pendant red thread is ideally replaced with a fine gold chain after the first year. Shivoham altar items and crystal statues should be kept near you or central in your home.

Used to deepen meditation with a mantra and support your spiritual path. We welcome your contact for help selecting the right malas or rudraksha.


AAA Grade Green Jade, Hand carved Shri Devi Yantra, the most powerful and Auspicious Yantra (Mandala). 270gm

A Yantra is an instrument that stores an enormous amount of power, due to its mathematical precision its concrete form is a powerhouse of inherent energy, radiating Divine power. 

Sri Yantra is the most auspicious, important and powerful of all Yantra’s that change our lives for the better. The larger pieces tend to have a stronger field of radiance that you will feel and experience through your life. Sri Yantra represents Devi, Mother, Goddess and the entire manifested universe in all creation. She nourishes, nurtures and gives us everything in our lives, bestowing happiness and worldly bliss. Our relationship with this energy is beneficial to develop in life and greatly supports the  realisation of life's potential. 

Jade brings the realisation of ones potential and devotion to purpose. Jade connects one to the spiritual worlds and meditative states to achieve clarity of purpose. Helping one see through illusion it opens gateways to understanding and brings harmony to life. Jade facilitates the building of ones dreams in the physical world and releases limitations so one actualises aspirations and attains the accomplishment of objectives. 

All forms of creation are energy and within this form of Sri Yantra is the unlimited power of the goddess, the criss-crossed lines channel her form and create a field of energy that moves life around it in a positive way. It is known as a source of abundance, success and wealth, stimulating material and spiritual success.

Since ages mystics have used the power of triangular formulations. Ancient temples around the world, particularly in India were built on the basis of Sri Yantra formation. The city of Kashi (Benares) was designed on foundations reflective of the exact Sri Yantra pattern and is considered the most auspicious place to pass away, believing one achieves liberation.

The powerful energy emitted by the Sri Yantra has been used throughout cultures to preserve the spiritual life force and is considered beneficial to have in the home. 

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