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Chakra Meditation Course

8 week Program; Tuesdays Understanding and Meditation 7.30 - 8.30pm
incl. Saturdays Chakra Yoga 8.30-9.30am


Learn about your own life force and the influence of chakras in developing your inner potential. 

Chakra means a wheel that is constantly turning to generate and store energy and each chakra works on several levels and aspects of our life. Glands and nerves are located within the area of the main chakras and through specific breathing exercises, meditation, asanas and the repetition of mantra we balance the physical and spiritual functions associated with each energy centre. 

The radiation of our chakras influence and guide feelings, thoughts, and emotions according to our level of development. We need to gain awareness of this energy and learn how to direct and understand it for our wellbeing.

As you purify the energy channels, you experience greater perception and the ability to generate more energy. 

Guided by advanced teacher & experienced facilitator Shivjyoti 

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