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Chakra Meditation Course

7 week course Tuesday's 7.00 - 8.30pm | next course Starts: 26th March 2019

Price Includes weekly Meditation Class, theory & practice AND weekly Chakra Yoga class on Saturday's at 8.30am. The techniques each week in Yoga will correlate to the Chakra in focus on Tuesday's meditation. 

Members price is for those with an existing class pass / membership.

Cosmic energy is constantly flowing all around us, but our normal everyday consciousness is not aware of this stream of energy.

The cosmic radiation of the chakras influence and guide our feelings, thoughts, and qualities according to our spiritual susceptibility. Through specific techniques we gain awareness of this energy and learn how to direct and understand it for our spiritual awakening.

Chakra means a wheel that is constantly turning to generate and store energy.

Each chakra works on several levels and aspects of our existence. Glands and nerves are located within the area of the main chakras and when we open and harmonise the Chakras through specific breathing exercises, meditation, asanas and the repetition of mantra we also balance the physical functions asociated with them.

As we purify the chakras, you will experience greater sensitivity and the ability to absorb more energy. Properly developed over time, this leads to union. The goal is that energy flows to Sahasrara Chakra and enlightenment occurs. 

Guided by Shivjyoti 

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