TRIPURA SUNDARI Goddess of Beauty

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Pink Opal & Gold polished Rudraksha and charms 

Spiritual Awakening - Creativity - Release 

Opal amplifies ones traits and characteristics providing an inspiration to overcome lesser attributes and recognise the feeling of beauty and creativity within oneself. It gives comfort in expressing spontaneous creativity that comes from within and releases inhibitions. It is used to instil faithfulness and loyalty with regards to love and personal relationships and gives the understanding of ones personal ‘higher’ potentials and the glad acceptance of ones inherent perfection. It makes way for new life experiences and aspirations to rise. The awakening of mystical qualities is often experienced wearing this crystal and this power can be utilised to enhance personal understanding of the sacred realms of existence.

Pink Opal is especially beneficial in releasing ‘old’ patterns and is known as the rare crystal of ‘spiritual awakening’.   

*A standard women’s bracelets fits 15.5cm wrist, if you need a custom size please enter in the notes at checkout.