BHASKARAYA ‘Knowing’ Bracelet

Encompasses the energy of strength, transformation, clear vision and intuition. This energy supports the life-changer mala which is a true catalyst for transformation. 

8mm rare Himalayan granite azurite; K2, Hawks Eye, Labradorite, Rudraksha 

From the World's 2nd tallest mountain in the Himalayas comes K2, an amazing rare and powerful gem for intuition, strength, power and fortitude, bringing amazing results into All areas of ones life.

Hawks eye crystal supports ones clear reasoning and the ability to see into the heart of matters, a boon for those seeking personal power it offers substantial protection by the transmutation of any negativity directed to the wearer into positive personal power.

Labradorite heralds the onset of a wonderful time, expressing the gifts within and opening to telepathic information and psychic abilities for the good of all. It assists in speaking, intuition and areas of service.

*standard mens bracelet fits 18.5 - 19cm wrist, include your exact wrist measurement in the notes at checkout for customisation, we are always happy to adjust for you and send you spare elastic. .