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Beginners Yoga | 10 week Course

Yoga is an enjoyable and rewarding practice for Every Body

At Shivoham we care about your health and take time to ensure the practice is correct and personalised.

10 week Beginners Series (Special $220) each Monday from 11th Feb 8-9pm.   

Guidance is given for each posture and breath awareness combined with understanding of 'why' we practice each pose ensures you'll experience the benefits of holistic Yoga. 
Restorative, healing and rejuvenating. Beginners postures are presented as moving sequences. Shivoham practice focuses on aligning one’s breath and movement with intention.
Release tension, restore vital energy, clear the mind and feel inner peace.
You'll have time to relax when you arrive, then be guided through full Yoga breathing, postures and complete each class with a short meditation. 



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