Beginners Hatha Course

Bookings are for a five week course, held Tuesday evenings at Shivoham. 

Starts: Tuesday 4th May 6:00 - 7:15pm. 

Learn all aspects of the authentic Hatha Yoga practice. This class is a mix of held poses, Vinyasa and Mindfulness in intelligent beginner sequences.

You will discover the breath and mind connection, body and emotional connection and how to unite the polar energies of Ha (Sun) and Tha (Moon) in the body to flow through the primary energy channel Sushumna to achieve optimal health. 

This is holistic course, perfect for those seeking gentle yoga, a refresher or beginners. Here you'll be introduced to Yoga in ways rarely taught in the West. Aligned with the ancient principles of pure connection, each class explores your own potential using movement, breath and meditation. 

Beginners Hatha is taught by Sofija, a Wellness Educator and Yoga teacher of 17 years. Incorporating a thorough knoweldge and application of Yoga science this is an opportunity to join a small group of 3 - 6 in our boutique wellness studio.

We have allowed for extra weeks should unforeseen Covid restrictions come into place and cause a lockdown, we wish to share the invaluable in-person relationship.

Bookings Essential. Please do not use Afterpay, it's a feature available for products only.   

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