Amazing energies of Heirloom AAAA Grade Kyanite with Labradorite, K2 Granite and Rudraksha. 

Rare and powerful awakening and positive energy in every area of life. 

Kyanite never needs to be cleansed, it doesn't hold or store negative energy or vibrations. Unlimited in application, it's one of the best for attuning with your higher purpose and thus aligning all chakras automatically and immediately.

Heralds the onset of a wonderful time of opportunity, positivity and clarity. Labradorite reminds you to stay in your highest vibration and be of service through positive expression.

As you learn to trust, your psychic abilities and telepathic communication enhance and this serves your ability to communicate, evolve and support the world.

Stay connected to source at all times through the power of Rudraksha and enjoy experiencing your potential. 


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