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Awakened Living Course

next 10 week course starts 13th March. 

held on Wednesdays at 7pm

A practical path of Yoga off the mat. 

Shivjyoti's Awakened Living course has been developed over 15 years of living a disciplined Yogic Lifestyle under the guidance of her Master, she has learnt and absorbed much wisdom that is of great value in our everyday working lives. This course imparts some time honoured techniques which help us to live in harmony spiritually and materially. 

The course offers a practical path of living a spiritual life and awakening to purpose every day. 

Discover how naturally a spiritual life unfolds with clear guidance and gain greater meaning of life. Develop your connection to the Divine and understand true purpose.

Yogic wisdom is a practical which imbibes presence of the divine at all times, in all places and causes you to be a source of inspiration and light for others.

Gain clarity and learn new and practical tools to guide through life’s challenges.

This course presents a path for any spiritual seeker or anyone wishing to understand more about the essence of Yoga Philosophy and it's practicality applied in daily life. Taught by an ordained Swami who has lived this path since she was 21.

Shivjyoti hopes to offer you the steps beyond the mat and into 'living' on your path to Union, the goal of Yoga. 

 "Yoga is the Source of Spirituality, and Spirituality the basis of all religions, therefore Yoga is the way to the Divine"


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