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Aventurine Ganesh Statue


Lord of Good Fortune and success who is believed to help provide all things  prosperous, fortunate and enduring. He is also known as the Lord of Beginnings setting the best intentions and outcomes into motion. He is known as the Remover of Obstacles both materially and spiritually.

This finely carved statue is a stunning addition to you entry, altar table or sacred space in any home. With fine detail this rare statue will add grace, harmony and sanctity in any space.  

It’s a held belief that honouring Ganesha represents a living force that herald sure success and protection from adversity.

Keeping a statue in your home reminds you to accept the help of the divine in all your endeavours and creates the vibration of mutual co-operation with the universe.

It’s best placed as you enter the home on your altar or even in your car. 



Used primarily for activating and cleansing the heart it acts an an excellent protector, providing a shield against anyone who want's to 'tap-in' and use the energy of another. It holds quite a pioneering spirit and helps one to excel in all activities requiring motivation and creativity. It greatly supports leadership in those born for leadership roles and helps them believe their instinctive actions to naturally bring about desired results.  


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