SHAKTI Prophecy of Light | Herkimer Quartz Mala

54 8mm Herkimer Diamonds, 54 8mm Himalayan Quartz. 1 12mm Herkimer Guru Bead. Gold Polished Sterling Silver charms. Gold Tassel. 

Enhancing awareness and spontaneity, providing innate strength to surrender to the light and allow greater realisation of ones inherent being and all that one has been seeking. Bringing the energy of the stars to the soul of the wearer, use this mala for power and harmony with the universe; making these greater energies available to humanity. 

The energy contained helps to begin again in this lifetime and to recognise there is nothing 'to become', rather its the actualisation of ones inherent purity and light that one needs to 'be'. 

Herkimer Diamonds are great attunement stones and can be used in multitude ways to gather, clear and decipher information beneficial for healing and purification of oneself and others. Quartz hold an intention and amplifies that energy out into the world. 

Implanting the herkimer and quartz 'Prophecy of Light' each morning with your intentions, love and and kindness, see it radiate to all around you. This mala, through the chosen soul (you'll know if that's you) facilitates healing and wellbeing for the planet. Used in Atlantis and Lemuria for rejuvenation quartz supports development of civilisation in splendour. 

Herkimer and quartz are used to correct any imbalances as they arise and restore them into perfect harmony within ones inner being, allowing you the consistent realisation of your perfection.

A blessing for one ready to transcend suffering, spread the light and heal, with love, all beings on earth.