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ANTARJYOTI Soul Illumination | Sunstone, Herkimer, Silver

Sunstone with natural copper inclusions, Sterling silver coated Rudraksha, Herkimer Diamond. 

Abundance, White Light, Wish-Fulfilling

A mala to cleanse and energise the chakras. It also provides for brightening the chakras which allows one to exhibit freshness. Assisting in gently removing hook-ups which have infiltrated the energy centres and allows them to be released after surrounding them in love and positive energy. 


Considered a boon to own a piece of pure sunstone it helps one navigate through life, taking the right course of action, making good decisions and reaching the goals one sets. Mystically it has a tree of life in it and denotes great luck in all areas of life. It’s also said to remove fear. 

A bracelet which imbibes worthiness for luck and independence. In India the crystal sunstone provides immense protection in all areas and allows one to expand in radiance. 

*Send your wrist size in the notes with ordering, standard womens fits 15.5cm wrist. Made on long lasting jewellery elastic imported from Canada. 

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