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APSARA Angel of Light Mala Beads

8mm Howlite, 10mm and 16mm rare Herkimer Diamonds with 'consciousness seed' Rudraksha and silk. Sterling silver signature charms by Shivoham.

Limited Edition Mala  

This Mala reminds you that being and Angelic Warrior on earth is the role you were born to take. Learning to give back to your own soul is part of your journey and essential in building your strength and reserves to fulfil your mission. Allow this Mala to remind you of your value and it will guide you to the eternal peace within.

Howlite combines the power of reasoning with observation and patience, it provides discernment and a laudable desire for knowledge, bringing progress marked with triumph. It spurs one's ambition to reach goals and assists in elimination hesitation with respect to action. It dispels criticalness, selfishness and coldness and builds an innate decency in ones character, encouraging those attributes which are building blocks to spirituality. A beautiful Mala for anyone who feels alone and at odds with the world.

Herkimer Diamonds are the high energy seekers of the crystal world, manifesting pure white light and are extremely powerful amplifiers of the spiritual current leading to union. A perfect conduit of Universal Life Force herkimer offers advanced spiritual experiences when held and focused on during meditation. With the ability to transmit and receive spiritual energy herder diamonds intensify your vibration. 

Rudraksha is the sacred bead used by sages, saints and yogis to cocoon and protect your energy. They bring harmony into your soul and environment leading to the beneficial state of connection to source and desire for meditation.


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