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ANANDI Blissful ones Bracelet

May the jewel in the lotus of your heart shine for all, may your heart fill with the infinite love that is Divine Mothers wish for us all and the only true gift worth giving. This mala speaks of this gift that is already within, awakening to it and allowing it to flow, you have the gift of all gifts. 

KUNZITE connects one to the infinite source of love, providing for purification on all levels. It dissolves negativity, automatically raising the vibrations of the area surrounding it. Holding this crystal produces the feeling of a powerful peace, gently penetrating the inner core of ones being. It further initiates the internal and external expressional of love.

AMETHYST brings profound change to ones life - a time of positive transformation which will have a lasting impact on every area of your life, and to some degree on all those around you. It helps you realise that every aspect of yourself the greater good so you can awaken your spiritual gifts and rise above denying parts of yourself, they are all your divine personality so there is no need to 'fix' anything, just express all aspects of yourself, you will be embraced and loved and healing can take place.   

LAVENDER QUARTZ has all the same properties as rose quartz this special crystal also facilitates the third eye awareness and intuition promoting clairsentience, clairaudience and clairvoyance. It helps with intellectual and direct responses to situations requiring mastery and is a true asset to have this crystal which integrates all aspects of ones personality.

STRAWBERRY QUARTZ Stimulates the heart centre bringing the energy of love to the whole person and environment, it also offers guidance in the respect of enjoying each moment. This is a special crystal made available for one who is ready to receive and emit the energy of total love and acceptance.

RUDRAKSHA for peace, harmony, protection and spiritual development. The power seed of all yogis, offers powerful protection, the impetus of spiritual evolution and connection.

*Send your wrist size after ordering, standard womens fits 15.5cm wrist*






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