AKASHA Infinity Mala

Spiritual wisdom and Connection

Expanding into the Infinite

Helping to align all the chakras to bring individual energies to a higher level, this combination balances heaven and heart on earth, to live our potential.

This combination provides a support to see what is true and to develop the capacity of Viveka ‘discernment’ and vairagya ‘detachment’ from what is not real. It assists one to receive knowledge about the steps one should take to progress on the spiritual path and what one should avoid, as it may hinder the spiritual path. 

Both Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli are ancient stones that have been used widely by tribes and earth healers, connecting one to the world below and the skies above; so to speak, or rather the manifestation of nature, and the reality of spirit. It gives one comfort when realising elements of life that were previously unknown and grounds one in the knowledge that all is revealed to the one who is ready to receive. 

This combinations helps one to be aware of all that is and what can be achieved, while remaining very grounded and with the ability to communicate what is necessary to help the souls evolution and ascension. 

The Divine Blessed Mala has 108 beads. It is knotted in between each bead.

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