AGYA Intuition Mala

Spiritual Insight, Knowledge, Spirituality, Peace, Following your Dreams 


This Mala with Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst is a powerful catalyst to propel you on the path to fulfilling your dreams. It instills the power, courage and motivation to consistently move in the direction of your higher purpose. Particularly helpful if your struggling to overcome obstacles and difficult environments in which you work or live and know that you must to truly make progress and move forward for your inner fulfilment and purpose in the world.

The combination of crystals and Rudraksh will constantly support you to look within, through through, and see forward to find the insights and awareness necessary to support your progress in the direction you 'should' be moving for your higher self.

Enjoy the soothing Amethyst with the insight of Lapis Lazuli, both known as Spiritual crystals, they offer a deeply supportive and grounding energy when combined with Rudraksha to enjoy the journey, and taste success.


The Divine Blessed Mala has 108 beads. It is knotted in between each bead.

Wearing Rudraksha is a blessing and offers Protection, Harmony and Stress Release.

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