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CHANDRA MA Moonstone Mala

AAA Grade Moonstone 6mm beads, Rainbow faceted Moonstone pendant in Gold, polished gold sterling silver cresent moon and Rudraksha seeds.    

Shivoham Moonstone Malas are revered as the perfect expressions of feminine energy and her connection with the changing nature of life, it helps women to connect with and honour themselves. This mala is a vehicle of calm, peace and balance.

The tranquility in moonstone has a sensual, other-worldly quality it offers nourishing vibrations that works towards healing imbalances. Moonstone is the master healer for women

Designed to support you in relating to new beginnings on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels so you fully allow the 'coming to' off results.

This mala helps cleanse negativity from the chakras and enhances feminine aspects within ones nature which are spiritually loving, grounded and nurturing. 

It supports diplomacy and positive outcomes in all its aspects. 

Blessed in Hardwar, land of the God's, pure intention for your spiritual growth. 

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