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GURUDEV Protective Leadership Bracelet

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Malachite, Obsidian, Azurite, Rudraksha

For Protecting ideas, dreams and goals as they grow and develop. A bracelet for leaders. Offers you strength, protection and clarity to synthesise past experience into creative outcomes for all.

Worn by those with great strength of purpose, helping to ground ideas and manifest positive peace in the world. 


Heaven - Visualisation - Insight - Life Energy - Creativity

This is the crystal of heaven on earth, it provides guidance by awakening the third eye and offering insight into every area of ones life. It supports the recognition of intuitive information and is known to be a benefactor of life energy, giving what is required in any situation. This crystal supports communication from the 'heart' and stimulates compassion and empathy within a person. It breaks down impediments in ones progress and helps comfort anxiety.


Healing - Change - Insight - Loyalty - Patience - Purpose

Wearing Malachite jewellery heralds a time of positive change and supports profound healing. You will feel compelled to easily let go of the past and see the way of your future being paved ahead of you, be ready to experience the true vision of your self. Malachite helps you realise how much positive has stemmed from your past, no matter how hard it may have been to go through, you are in a better place now, and will be in a much better place in the future. See everything unfolding as a divine gift to help and support you move forward. Place your trust in the hands of the divine and know that all is well and  every choice you have made and is being made now, is necessary and is helping you unfold more love and wisdom through the journey of life. 


Empowerment - Protection - Ideas - Talent

Obsidian reminds you of the magnificent talents you have hidden within you, to date you may have kept them hidden, almost nurturing and protecting them. The fertile landscape within has kept then incubated till now, as it dawns the time for their release into the world you are asked to remember how much love you've put into empowering yourself to share and will now seek the practical means to give your inspirations, ideas and talents as your spiritual gift into the world, it's time to shine your light.

Please send us your wrist size and we will make to fit you. 

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