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Tips for your First Visit

Whether it is your 1000th time on the mat or your very first,  it’s helpful to enter the practice of Yoga with an open mind because every class is unique and you’ll learn something new each time. 

A few things you can look forward to with regular practice are significant improvements in: flexibility, joint range, strength, balance, ability to manage stress, quality of sleep, happiness and overall wellbeing. 

We suggest comfortable clothing that is non-restrictive and allows your skin to breathe.

  It’s helpful if you pre-register online. If you’d prefer to register in person,  then please arrive 10-15 minutes before your first class. 

If you have your own mat, please bring it along. If not, we also sell high quality mats from Manduka.

For your maximum ease of motion and comfort, you should try to avoid eating for two hours prior to class. 

You won’t need your shoes during the class and there is a space for you to leave them as you enter. 

Please bring your water bottle or have one in your car for after class.   

Avoid perfumes and fragrances, or use natural products where possible.  

If you are pregnant,  please attend the gentle classes. Yoga is highly beneficial during every stage of pregnancy.  



    Yoga has been around longer than any other form of physical exercise and offers numerous benefits for health, including: 

    •increased flexibility

    •increased muscle tone and strength

    •improved circulation and cardio health

    •improved sleep

    •increased energy levels

    •improved athletic performance

    •injury prevention

    •detoxification of organs

    •improved posture

    •reduced anxiety and depression

    •better ability to manage chronic pain

    •the release of endorphins that improve your mood

    •and so much more...