About Sofija


From a young age Sofija Vracar has been dedicated to the health and wellbeing lifestyle. Embarking on her journey as a Yoga teacher 17 years ago where she was amongst the first to complete Internationally recognised Nature Care College three year advanced diploma.

Her passion for the life transforming tools of Yoga have never waned and Sofija's clients have benefited immensely from her graduating in the complimentary modalities of Metabolic Precision Nutrition, Transformational Coaching, Masters in Rehabilitation, Pilates Method Instructionand Mindfulness Education.

Sofija is a facilitator of corporate and wellness retreats in Sydney and Bali. Her move to Melbourne is to collaborate with Shivjyoti, she brings experience as the founderof Niso Fitness and Nutrition centre. 

Sofija loves spending time in nature and writing, her real passion is empowering women, her podcast “You Had It In You All Along” is the perfect example.