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Shivoham Yoga and Gallery is a pause in time

And place for your inner self to grow. Experience meaningful practice in a nurturing haven for body mind and spirit.

Your Cocoon of Calm Shivoham

Yoga and Gallery is a healing destination and offering for inner wellbeing. Re-discover and develop your inner potential. Shivoham presents the essence of Yoga practices as enjoyable, rejuvenating and relevant off the mat, as much as on it.

Shivoham Yoga

The name or mantra 'Shivoham' means to be One with the absolute, transcendent, ultimate reality - the truth. The Boutique Studio & Mala Gallery has been established by Shivjyoti as her extension and commitment to passing on the ancient science of Yogic wellbeing for the spiritual and physical health of everybody.

Mala Boutique & Studio


"From the moment I enter I start healing".Margie Fry 

"The studio and teachings have such a beautiful energy, it is truly a connected haven of loving kindness." - Anita C. 

"A sacred space." - Kaleo North 

"The classes remind me of real Yoga, like in India." - Lyndall Mitchell.