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Private Classes

A private Yoga session is tailored to your current needs and helps you understand your body, mind and emotional connection while learning the specifics of correct practice. Covering practices like pranayama (breath techniques) rarely included in a group class.. This session is dedicated to you and the complete journey of health and wellbeing.

Through movements and discussion, we quickly discover the root cause of pain and symptoms. The result is, that after just one session an improvement in day-to-day health, energy levels and stress management is commonly experienced.

A private lesson includes Yoga practice and a holistic approach to wellness. Private sessions are unique and include a variety of discussion, meditation, pranayama, relaxation techniques and Asana. Specific exercises for the chakras and dietary modifications may be suggested and it's recommended to attend three sessions. 

Yoga privates are valuable in coordination with your doctors, physiotherapists or coaches. 

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$220 for your first class |  $500 series of 3