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Our Gemologist

Our Gemologist is an exceptionally talented sourcer of fine gemstones and crystals of ethical mines all over the world. We then cut and create, with the help of expert craftsman from these raw pieces; processes which maintain the authenticity and direct link to our Earth. 

Trained in the Gemological Institute of New York, Gitesh Ji has extensive expertise sourcing, classifying and grading the finest gemstones and crystals of the world. With him in charge of sourcing and crafting for Shivoham specifications we are guaranteed high quality, rare, and time intensive pieces. Quality is essential, a priority at Shivoham foundations and ensures each piece carries a wonderfully high vibration.

With natural affiliation to the earths crystals, coupled with his significant experiential knowledge he sees the heart in every gem/crystal which ensures us the best of the best. Thanks to Gitesh Ji we can bring you many hidden blessings for spiritual and material wealth, health and wellbeing.

Based in the holy city of Haridwar, India, Gitesh Ji takes annual pilgrimage through the Himalayas, most notably to Kedarnath; the ‘field of liberation’. There he requests the blessings of Lord Shiva on all through our work. His devotion endears him to those around and he unfailingly ensures integrality of our processes in India, while constantly striving for improvements. 

Gitesh JI is also proficient in Vedic Astrology and offers further knowledge for our clients seeking a specific custom made precious gemstone jewellery. He also seeks out the most auspicious times for each ceremony and blessing performed for our pieces.