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Life Practice

Life Practice is a 90 minute session with Shivjyoti to discuss, share and practice techniques that develop your sadhana and take you to the next level of life (spiritual) practice.  

This is generally a series, with the timeline depending upon the topics covered for you. Sessions are monthly or fortnightly, in person or by phone. 

As a mentor to her students, Shivjyoti has taught and developed chakra and meditation courses, along with traditional yoga practices and teacher training since 2013. With a deep understanding of the process and journey we go through to find our true self and align with our purpose, Shivjyoti is supportive and understanding in light of the obstacles we face.

It’s a blessing to develop a life practice and an offering to your personal power. With these tools for life-transformation, you gain control of your destiny and create your best authentic self; spiritually and materially. 

Within the series you’ll learn meditation techniques, mantra and purification practices, along with gaining a clear and practical understanding of the awakening of kundalini as it relates to you. You’ll integrate your practice into all areas of life and discover the potential that lies within.

Life Practice sessions with Shivjyoti are also time to identify the relationship between your past experiences and the bigger picture of your life. Trust in yourself, heal past wounds and build inner strength. Whether in the early stages or well advanced on the spiritual path you’ll find the sessions beneficial and rewarding. If you’re at a standstill, wondering what next or seeking clearer vision for your life, it’s the perfect time to look within and seek experienced guidance. With decades of experience Shivjyoti enjoys seeing her students discover more of their gifts and talents.

Sessions are for those seeking inner connection, currently open for women ready to commit to their own personal development, be open, honest and trust in themselves. You will receive notes and be encouraged to record the meditations. 

Popular Series:

The Art of Meditation, developing your personal practice.

Chakra Sodan Meditation practice  

The ability to be honest with yourself is more triumphant than climbing any mountain and leaves you with permanent personal satisfaction.

 E-mail shivjyoti@omshivoham to book an appointment.