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 Discover Yoga, and you may indeed wonder what took you so long. Yoga at Shivoham is an authentic practice that is healing and deeply rejuvenating. It’s the practice of using body and breath to turn inward and help uncover the true self, from where your very best shines. 

On the mat you’ll gain flexibility, stamina, circulation, energy and focus. 

Off that mat when you apply the same principles you’ll grow spiritually. It's simple, practical and life changing.  


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I have be looking for a yoga teacher for a long time. It is fantastic to finally find an authentic teacher who actually teaches Yoga in its truest form and not just physical movement. A worthwhile inner journey and a real pleasure to attend Shivjoti's classes. Danielle

I feel profoundly blessed to have found Shivoham! From my first class with Shivjyoti I felt immersed in a yoga practice far beyond the physical asanas and recognised what a masterful teacher Shivjyoti is - deeply authentic and grounded in the tradition of yoga as a spiritual path & science of wellbeing. Shivjyoti truly has created a sacred space of healing and transformation at Shivoham. Kaleo North

At 44 years of age I ventured into a Yoga class today for the first time. With some initial trepidation, I placed my trust and faith in the able hands of Shivjyoti who considerately crafted a lesson that propelled me into a state of calm, deep relaxation & freedom. I felt as light as a feather, I felt agile & 'released'. I've had spinal fusion, recent thyroid surgery & have a form of rheumatoid arthritis which often renders me debilitated & fatigued. My sleep is normally disturbed and I need physio & massage regularly. Today, unlike before, I felt normal. Correction - I felt better than normal. I felt invigorated! This is where Shivjyoti excels: in addition to stepping me through the lesson (with care & thoughtfulness), she layers the experience by teaching us why! It's an education. I have long claimed that I am unable to meditate. With her beautiful voice guiding me towards relaxation, Shivjyoti managed to do what no other before her had ever accomplished. Complete calm. Nothing. Just peace. Rarely do I share such personal things - I share my experience in the hope that it too may help others take that leap of faith, as I did today. India Suter

Often as we get older we think we are beyond the youth of our past.. Not so in a class with Shivjyoti. All seems possible and inspiring.. A spiritual master with yoga as her tool allows a perfect mix of spiritual awakening and physical development. I feel blessed. Warren Simpson

I appreciate Shivoham’s authentic yoga and genuine interest in students progress. Shivjyoti’s classes leave me feeling uplifted and with practical self-improvement ideas. Chris Wilkinson

I gain so much from Shivjyoti's classes! I start the class not always aware of what I need, but Shivjyoti 'just knows' and shares relevant knowledge and guidance throughout the postures, relaxation and meditation. This is genuine insightfulness, and the wellbeing benefits taught are invaluable. I highly recommend this class. Jade Wellington

Both relaxing and also re-energising - I find Shivjyoti's Monday classes are always a great way to start the week. Already looking forward to the next one! Ben Peters

Just what I needed. The perfect inner retreat. Thank you. James Hutt

Just a few words to express my thanks for a class that allowed me to feel into each posture with awareness, acceptance and contentment. Thank you Shivjyoti. Abbie