Learn the fundamentals of correct movement and alignment, full yoga breathing, the art of meditation and the benefits of each aspect in the practice. Step by step guidance, a gentle pace and sequences to align body, mind and spirit. A course that's often repeated, this 10 week course gives you an insight into the Philosophy, the meaning behind Yoga and why it's so valuable to everday life. 


You’ll be guided through each posture to experience the benefits of the asanas (movements) along with concentration on the breath and the purpose of each practice. You'll take home new insights every week and enjoy a range of techniques to give you the ultimate benefits of Yoga. 


Courses Start every 2 months: June 10th, August 19th, October 28th  2018

Held at: Shivoham 83 Ludstone Street, Hampton

Monday's  6.30 - 7.30pm

Bookings Essential: Start your 10 week course here.

Suitable for everyone. 


Classes begin with relaxation and gentle to active asanas (postures) before settling into the flow of practice and release of tension. Meditation concludes the class so expect to leave feeling nourished, peaceful and relaxed. A common and quickly felt benefit is improved quality of sleep and a tension free body.




I just love going to Shivjyoti's classes. They are so calm and powerful. Shivjyoti is an excellent teacher who really knows her "stuff". I always look forward to treat my body and soul. It's so right! Erika Saint


As a person who has tried a number of different yoga classes, I can honestly say that Shivjyoti’s classes are unsurpassed. She possesses a gentleness and wisdom well beyond her years. The classes are suitable for any level of yoga student and she creates a warm and peaceful space for her students to practice. The classes are perfectly integrated and combine yoga, meditation, breath and discussion. I would recommend it to anyone wishing to connect more fully with himself or herself. It is an absolute privilege to attend. Alana Newman


I do enjoy my yoga and meditation gentle and beginners classes with Shivjyoti. Yoga to heal the body and meditation to calm the mind. A blissful combination in a beautiful environment with a skilled and dedicated teacher. Fay


I've been to many yoga classes, and Shivjyoti is the most amazing yoga teacher I've ever come across - her classes are so peaceful and her instructor voice is so soothing. I am sure you will leave feeling free of anxiety and energised! Sarah-Jane


By practicing yoga and meditation you'll:
•increase your flexibility
•increase muscle tone and strength
•improve your circulatory and cardio health
•improve your sleep
•increase your energy levels
•improve athletic performance
•reduce injuries
•detoxify  your organs
•improve your posture
•reduce anxiety and assist with depression
•better manage chronic pain
•release endorphins that improve your mood
•and so much more...