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Means ‘I am That, I am pure consciousness, bliss and truth. All that is beautiful, divine, mystical and leads the way to union, I am’.This is the state we reach when we have achieved the goal of our human life, the knowing and freedom which is born in liberation. To achieve the goal of our life, the path of Yoga has been laid out with clear steps so we can achieve this goal of life. Mala Beads are aids on the journey of life. 

the design process

Shivjyoti intuitively designs each piece in Melbourne Australia, with the intention of offering beautiful, harmonious and awakening combinations of crystals and Rudraksha seeds for a purpose. Often beginning from meditation or a vision each piece has evolved from a desire to support different stages of our personal journey.  

Every single bead is treated with care, reverence and offer the highest quality of AAA grade crystals, unavailable elsewhere in Australia. We have evolved over time, organically and have always kept the purpose of sharing the benefits of these unique and powerful Rudraksha and crystal gemstones to bring spiritual awakening to everyone. 

Our suppliers are respected and have run a large family business for generations. Part of the family focuses on the Rudraksha specialties which in some cases sell, per bead for more than AUD20,000 While some members of the family concentrate on sourcing the finest crystals from all over the world. Indeed it's a blessing to share this profound quality and enjoy every part of the process to bring you authentic and blessed malas.

We get feedback every day about the effects our mala's are having in peoples lives and it's satisfying to know that the power, benefits and blessings are truly held within the quality of every single piece from our heart to yours. 


"Often while teaching meditation I would explain the significance of the Rudraksha seed and how to use the mala for Mantra meditation to steady the mind. The many requests for a Rudraksha mala each time I journeyed to India was steadily increasing and a few times while at the Kumbha Mela Vishwaguruji suggested I design some with crystals to make them accessible for everyday wear and blessing. It was already in my mind, but the impetus of suggestion cemented it". Shivjyoti 

In the years that followed and since the launch on Gurupurnima, 22nd July 2015 the range continues to increase. Along with Shivjyoti's knowledge Yoga discipline, comes a deep interest in the gifts of the earth and the properties of healing, alignment and balance that mother nature gives in abundance. These are gifts of the earth, and offer emotional balance, physical health and spiritual awakening. Science is catching up and many instruments can now measure the vibration of crystals.  

Shivoham Rudraksha seeds have their origin in the Himalayas, India, and are prepared for us in Haridwar 'City of Gods'. Each piece has been blessed at several stages throughout the journey of creation to you. We exist to support you on your spiritual journey of happiness and fulfilment, every mala will become part of you, choosing what your drawn to is sure to serve as an inspiration and reminder of your goal in life.

Embody Truth, Consciousness, Bliss