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LAKSHMI Blessed Path & Prosperity | Sunstone Mala

Rare AAA grade 7mm Sunstone and Rudraksha with silk, sterling silver and 18kt Gold polish 

Used to clear, energise and cleanse the Chakras, Sunstone imbibes the wonderful potential for change, growth and freedom. Assisting in removing 'hook-ups' which have infiltrated one's being and returning them to their source after surrounding them in positive energy and love. 

Sunstone helps you to feel lightness of being and allows you to exhibit freshness. It iImbibes worthiness for luck and independence, this mala offers immense protection in all areas and allows one to expand into life's true goals.  

In ancient Greece, sunstone was thought to represent the Sun God which brings life and abundance to those fortunate enough to wear it. In ancient India it was believed to provide protection from destructive forces and to show the way forward.

Seen to have the tree of life when the sun shines through it, pure sunstone is a source of soul nourishment to those who wear it and subsequently open up to the many mystical qualities they have within.  

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