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ARJUNA Balancing the Soul Mala

8mm Black Onyx, Howlite and Rudraksha with silk knotting and tassel 

This Mala is those who seek strength in balanced action. Black Onyx is a mineral excellent for balancing and bringing the whole person in alignment with higher powers. It encourages and is used for wise decision making and also opens one to experience happiness and good fortune. Onyx can also help one to see dualities and to bring balance of yin and yang to the whole totality and help one become a master of ones destiny.

Howlite brings progress marked with triumph, and supports the building of innate decency within ones character, helping on the path of spirituality. Used to eliminate stress and pain Howlite is a soothing gemstone and worth to keep around all the time. 

The strength of these energies comes together with the addition of Rudraksha seeds in the mens 'Balance' mala and offers the support for your spirit to walk with the Divine. Spurring one to action in the direction of goals and dreams.

Throughout recorded history cultures have valued crystals and Rudraksha, believing they possess magical and spiritual healing properties. These are living energies and all Shivoham designs offer harmonious combinations, helping to achieve union with our highest self. 

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