Bhaskaraya SHIVOHAM Mala | King of the Sun with Tanzanite

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We are hoping to create more Shivoham Malas as we source and facet the tanzanite and citrine, we hope to have a limited number of pieces available soon. If you have this in your heart we welcome your inquiry to register your interest. 

55ct Tanzanite. This creation has been a long time in the making and has taken considerable effort to source Tanzanite, have them faceted with Citrine and Herkimer Diamonds to match in size. The pendants are each unique with 925 Sterling Silver and signature charm.

After almost a year of creation process, this Mala is finally together during the auspicious time of Kumbha Mela, blessed by the Ganges and at Shiva temple with powerful activating mantras and prayer. Arriving on Shivaratri from the Himalayas, a further sign of the power to unite the wearers soul with their divine life plan. 

A mala imbibed with Shiva's energy, the strength and success of Sun as the ruler and radiance of this world and the power of Shakti for abundance and grace. Our most powerful mala, like an honourable King it represents nobility of purpose and the authority of one who acts in divinely ordained uniqueness. 

Tanzanite is believed to stimulate the crown, third eye and throat chakras to enhance psychic power and awareness of high spiritual realms, it helps ones communication whilst providing a protective shield. Revered as the 'stone of magic' Tanzanite aids the manifestation of ones desires and vibrates with the the perfect harmony of personal power and self-actualisation. 

Citrine is one of only two minerals on earth which doesn't store any negative energy, it facilitates understanding and thus helps one resolve life long unconscious patterns. Solidifying new energy fields around the wearer for abundant positive experiences, citrine helps one acquire and maintain wealth.  

Herkimer is the light activator of the universe and transmits pure white light within and around the wearer. It enhance the spirit of spontaneity and surrender, allowing one to experience the self and the self in all. Herkimer clears the way so new, divine pathways are experienced.

Created for the ultimate blessing of knowing one’s self. 

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