AMBA Durga Divine Mother Mala with Sri Yantra

This Amazing Mala is the manifestation of Divine Amba Devi's energy to create, manifest life and BE the DIVINE Woman you are meant to be. The divine Light who shares Grace, Humility, Peace and guides others towards their own fulfilment and completion. 

SHREE Yantra carved in Himalayan Clear Quartz of the Highest grade in Gold Plated setting. 

The SHRI YANTRA Sri Yantra is auspicious, important and powerful. It’s an ancient and extremely positive energy symbol that provides fulfilment for everyone. It is known as a source which stimulates the attainment of all material and spiritual desires. It’s been studied deeply and shown to effect the bioenergy of the person who uses it ushering in peace, prosperity, harmony and good fortune. Sri Yantra is the most auspicious, important and powerful of all Yantra’s to change our lives for the better. The Sri Yantra in the 3 dimensional form is a multi pyramid triangular grid signifying unlimited abundance and positive powers.

Highest Grade Crystals included in the AMBA Mala are:

Herkimer Diamond, Pink Opal, Kunzite, Rhodochrosite, Ruby Jade, White Jade, Clear Quartz & the seed of Pure Consciousness RUDRAKSHA 

HERKIMER DIAMOND manifests pure, solid Light and are powerful amplifiers of spiritual energy. As perfect conduits of the universal Life Force, they are exceptional healing crystals, and are used in meditations, dream and vision work, and advanced spiritualization applications.

PINK OPAL is connected to Spiritual Awakening and the Divine Feminine Energy is has gently soothing energy and helps you to manifest your true self. It helps overcome lesser attributes and recognise the feeling of creativity within oneself. It gives comfort and is used to instil faithfulness and loyalty with regards to love and personal relationships and gives the understanding of ones personal ‘higher’ potentials and the glad acceptance of ones inherent perfection. 

Pink Opal is especially beneficial in releasing ‘old’ patterns and is known as the rare crystal of ‘spiritual awakening’.   

KUNZITE is Stimulating for the heart chakra and aligning the heart, throat and third eye chakras to produce clear insightful words and vision. This crystal synthesises the energies within to produce loving communication. Wearing Kunzite penetrates a feeling of self-love and powerful peace deeply though the wearer to the inner core of ones being. It connected one to the infinite source of Love which provides purification on all levels.

RHODOCHROSITE contains a pulsating electrical energy which emits the strongest power in the universe, the power of love. The energy of rhodochrosite is encompassed by the presence of heavenly energies filled with the golden sphere of light; it assists in creating new worlds for the user - worlds filled with love and dreams. Using this crystal in meditation on may melt in the golden sphere of Light

RUBY JADE assists in refining the inner will and making way for love based forces to exist more strongly in ones life, this crystal assists one in directing love to any person or any place in the world. Known as a 'dream stone' Ruby Jade helps bring realisation to ones divine potential and devotion to purpose.

HIMALAYAN CLEAR QUARTZ is the most powerful crystal and one of infinite possibilities. Clear Quartz clears inhibitions so you live with connection to the divine power that sustains you and everything. Clear quartz is a remarkable and extremely beneficial crystal

WHITE JADE Emits the essence of the universal light of love, it enhances the radiance of all other crystals and ensures this AMBA Mala awakens the divine feminine goddess in all.

RUDRAKSHA Beads are highly revered and offer significant spiritual advantages to the wearer IN THE SPHERE IS SPIRITUAL AWAKENING and illumination. 

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