Saint Germaine & the Violet Flame Herkimer Lavender Bracelet


Your Mala(s), pendants and rudraksha is worn as a sacred adornment that reflects your soul intention. For ideal benefits wear them every day and keep beside your bed at night. Wearing, you receive and imbibe more energy, which alters your vibration and attracts new positive thoughts and experiences. From three to four months you’ll notice these and other significant changes.

The Rudraksha pendant red thread is ideally replaced with a fine gold chain after the first year. Shivoham altar items and crystal statues should be kept near you or central in your home.

Used to deepen meditation with a mantra and support your spiritual path. We welcome your contact for help selecting the right malas or rudraksha.


AAA Grade Herkimer Diamond & Lavender Amethyst

For beings of Light. 

The vibration of herkimer cleanses the entire body and energy field of negatie energy. Combined with lavender amethyst you’ll feel a cleansing within and around you. All thoughts and feelings that are challenging will be replaced by spiritual insight and purity. 


BELOVED  MIGHTY,  I  AM  PRESENCE  AND  GREAT  HOST  OF  ASCENDED  MASTERS. In and with Thee I take my stand for all Eternity!  I come into this day in God, with God, by God and for God!  I live this day in God, with God by God and for God!  I close this day, in God, with God, by God and for God and I AM God-victorious!  I  AM  God-invincible, I  AM  God-controlled!  I AM  God-illumined!  I  AM  God-free;  God-supplied, and God-victorious over everything in this world;  and I  AM always God-commanded in all I ever do or contact until I AM  Ascended and Free forever!

BELOVED  MIGHTY  I  AM  PRESENCE!  Blaze your Heart Flame through me so everything this day moves into Divine Order and Perfection! I  AM  DETERMINED  to live this day the Way my Presence and the Ascended Host want me to live it!  My first concern is to give Love and Divine Justice to my Beloved Might I AM  Presence for the Pure Energy It has released into my being and world for this day!  I pour forth all my love, gratitude, blessings and forgiveness to Life everywhere;  and I intensify my Call for Purity through the use of the Violet Consuming Flame so my world is set free from all limitations and struggle of every kind, now and forever!

I call on St Germaine and Arcangel Michael with the Sword of Blue Flame.  Beloved Michael and St Germaine  blaze the violet consuming flame through and around any energy that could block, delay or interfere with My Being (See the Violet flame going through every part of your body and Arcangel Michael with the sword of Blue Flame cutting away any ties that could possibly bind a situation that is not healthy).

I  AM  THE Harmonious Presence, Ever Pervading Whatever the Condition May Be.

I  AM  the Governing Presence, Governing in Perfect Divine Order, Commanding Harmony, Happiness, and the Presence of God in My Mind and My World.

BELOVED  MIGHTY  I  AM  PRESENCE  acting through my Higher Mental Body!  Charge my mind and body while I sleep tonight with Your Perfect Peace and Rest; with Your Limitless Energy and Directing Intelligence; and keep it Eternally Sustained!

I  AM  the Mighty Electronic Energy flowing through, filling and renewing every cell of my mind and body, right now!

I qualify everything in my world this day with Perfection because I AM Perfection!!!  I qualify this mind and body with Absolute Perfection and refuse acceptance of anything else!

BELOVED  MIGHTY  I  AM  PRESENCE  AND  GREAT  DIVINE  DIRECTOR,  Flood my being and world with Your Golden Liquid Light!  As that Golden Liquid Light goes into every organ and cell of my body, see that It disolves and consumes all discord accumulated around the Points of Light in the cells of my body, and sets my body Free in the Dominion of its own Light.  I thank Thee, and accept the Instantaneous Fulfillment of this, Eternally Sustained!

BELOVED  MIGHTY  I  AM  PRESENCE,  BELOVED  SAINT  GERMAIN AND  JESUS.  Place your hands upon the cause of distress in my mind and body and keep Them there until it is annihilated from the Universe and Love and Peace are eternal within my body!

BELOVED  MIGHTY  I  AM  PRESENCE!  Project your Cosmic Light Rays to heal, quiet, and strengthen the Light Substance in the nerves of my physical body.  Make me forget all fear and replace it by the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love.  

Beloved  Legions of Angels of the Blue Flame come forth;  stand around me and pour Your Radiance for my health, my strength, and my purity and be the Magnet for my supply! 

*Standard women’s is made for 15.5cm wrist, include your wrist size in notes if any other requirements. 

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