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Designed and created by Shivjyoti, Yogi by heart and nature. Inspired by the Himalayas and Blessings of her Guru to share the sacred Rudraksha seed and crystal energies for healing and accessing you divine potential.
AMBA Durga Mala with Sri Yantra $280.00 AUD
ANANDA Inner Bliss and Soulful Love Mala $369.00 AUD
CHANDRA Moonstone Mala Sold Out
DARSHAN Visionary Mala $169.00 AUD
DEVI Manifest Mala | with Sri Yantra from $220.00 AUD $390.00 AUD
DIKSHA Re-Birth Mala $139.00 AUD
EKA Original Purpose Mala $149.00 AUD
GAIA Earth Goddess Mala Sold Out
GURUJI Masters Mala $159.00 AUD
GURUMAYI High Priestess Mala $249.00 AUD
ICCHA Power of Purpose Mala $119.00 AUD
JAYA Destiny Apatite Mala $169.00 AUD
KALI Higher Power Mala $89.00 AUD
MEERA BAI Mala Beads $199.00 AUD
NEELKANTHA Rudraksha Mantra Mala $99.00 AUD
RUDRAKSHA JAPA Meditation Mala $32.00 AUD
RUDRAKSHA Mala 'SHAKTI' $49.00 AUD $59.00 AUD
RUDRAKSHA MOKSHA Sacred Japa Mala $89.00 AUD
RUDRAKSHA NARMADA Sacred Japa Mala $89.00 AUD
SANTOSH Contentment Mala Sold Out
SHIVSHAKTI Oneness Mala $129.00 AUD
SIDDHI Powerful Awakening Mala | Rare Kyanite from $189.00 AUD