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Offerings at Shivoham

Shivoham is a dedicated space for the journey of inner unfoldment. From the moment you enter you’ll feel a warm envelopment allowing you space to be your true self. A fully equipped studio, all you need is yourself. 

Through the practice of Self-Awareness Meditation, ‘Inner Connection’ programs and compete Yoga practice workshops (Asanas, Pranayama, Bhandas, Nidra, Satsang) you’ll find yourself immersed in a world that supports your inner being. Like a lotus grows from mud, sitting above and blossoming higher than the water, the practices of Shivoham bring our soul to the heights of inner wisdom that is above the pressures we face through daily responsibilities. It gives us a chance for a new experience of life. 

Shivoham was opened and is guided by Shivjyotiwho, having spent 17 years with her Spiritual Guru learnt the ancient practices of awakening and how to apply them in daily life. She learnt directly from a living master and lived a simple and austere life where the focus was happiness beyond material pleasures and pursuits. Having received the guidance to open a space called Shivoham she arrived in Melbourne November 2017 and opened the doors January 2018, it has since been a retreat for many locals and a destination for professionals across Melbourne seeking connection to their own inner guidance and support along the way. 

We welcome you to weekly programs at Shivohamor to a workshop or course. All have been designed through the practice and guidance from living the Yogic path and with the instruction to share the benefits and support for all seeking their own ‘inner connection’. May you always know, however busy life gets, that there is a space to re-balance your inner energies.

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