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Kids School Holiday Workshop at Shivoham

TAPPING INTO A CHILDS CREATIVITY, connection and flow! School Holiday Workshopfor kids. Empowering children to understand they have control over their own brains, bodies and breath.

Add in some fun, life skills, bracelet making and breathing + yoga exercises to assist these children on a journey! Leading to more resilience, balance and mindfulness.

The workshop is a fun aroma bracelet making session with lava beads and crystals. We will also share the skills of profound breathing techniques and Yoga poses to calm and assist sleep and self-confidence. 

Tuesday 1st October 10am start 

The beads are chosen by the children and each one has a different meaning, they will get to connect with, and decide on the crystals they will use for their own bracelet and personal journey to balance. They will take home their own meaningful bracelet to wear. The ‘peace’ oil added to the lava beads in each bracelet are fragrant for three days and offer continued calm.

We know kids make connections when being creative in a group. They love sharing ideas, learning about crystals and being inspired by new colours and experiences. The development of life skills is always on the mind of every parent and we offer this worksop to take the pressure of you for a short time during the school holidays to help kids boost confidence, perseverance and calm.

 The will be run by Tracey, local mum of Kai (8). 

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