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ENVISIOING & Lakshmi's Full Moon

The full moon is a time to get clear about your vision of the future and embody the power and energy available to make your visions a reality. During Full Moon there is an opportunity for you to open to the power of grace and flow in alignment with your creative power. 

The reason we have selected this Full Moon on October the 13th is because it's dedicated to Lakshmi, the Goddess of Abundance to launch the ‘envisioning’ series, is because it bestows clarity, abundance and fulfilment. 

The full moon enhances whatever qualities we have latent within us. By raising awareness of them and being guided to uplift and transform this vision of ourself, we also expand our capacity to contribute to the world and in return self-fulfilment. 

The Half day envisioning workshop is our offer to you at this special time to take advantage of the energies available and progress you life purpose. At this workshop you will 

Discover and Learn:

* Effective techniques to protect your energy and environment. Learn the four step ritual.  

*Awareness of the ‘energy drain triggers’. Acknowledgement and action steps. 

* Immersive Envisioning. An experience to see the true you. 

* Reclaiming your power, the unique you and your personal action plan. 

We understand that the most powerful inner guidance and pursuing your purpose is fraught with obstacles and inner challenges, and it’s most often, that these are signals for growth. We know you are special because you have been called to do something bigger than yourself in this world and we are here to help you move through the blocks that bind, and offer you support and mentoring that keeps you true to your vision.

Love Louise and Shivjyoti 


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Full Moon Meditation 

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