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2020 Courses at Shivoham

Beginning in 2020 all offerings at Shivoham will run in a traditional format with an emphasis on evolution in learning. Yoga sessions with Nina will run as courses per term; twice weekly in the evenings, and twice weekly in the mornings click here to learn more and book.  

Sound Healing and Yin Yoga is a new course with an emphasis on deep healing stress relief and receiving energy and insight. We are offering these in a four week series several times throughout the year. We know they will leave feel and lasting impression on everyone who attends. Learn more here. 

A monthly Sound Bath will be offered on the first Sunday of each month with professional musician and skilled sound healer Phoebe; sound healing is a highly effective, therapeutic technique which combines the ancient wisdom of 'Nada Yoga' with modern science to heal mental, physical, and spiritual ailments.

As usual several Full and New Moon Meditations will be offered throughout the year for powerful energetic shifts with me, Shivjyoti. The Self-Awareness and Chakra courses will also be available and the Inner Connection Satsang series will become an open format bi-monthly program for all to attend when possible. 

Our collective purpose is to offer each other a nourishing space for spiritual development and a healing cocoon for rectifying any imbalances in life. Through gifted and ancient teachings we are committed to our evolution.

All teachers are here for you and welcome you to inquire or attend any programs when you can. 

With Love, 


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